In the last post, I failed to mention that we also had a wonderful barbecue at Paul and Ann Marie’s apartment and also attended a rugby match one night in Brisbane! Enjoy the photos!!


Riding the ferry to Stradbroke Island

Soldiers crabs on the mud flats.

Laura and Carly

Didi and Erin exploring Stradey

Anna Linn and Hilary in some mangroves

Hiking the young sand dune!

Katie and Kehan at the top!

Emily lining up a transect line for her research project.

Sophie checking out her quadrat

Eric, Julia, and Justine at Pt. Lookout


Katie jumping off a branch at Brown Lake

Chillin' at Cylinder Beach

Ready for Night Games!

Paul and Skiba at the barbie

Scavenger Hunt Fun

Queensland Reds vs. South Africa Storms Rugby Game

Radike Samo


2 responses to “Pictures!!

  1. These are just fabulous!!! Thanks so much for posting these on the blog. We love seeing all those smiling faces 🙂
    Sarah and Stephen

  2. What a fun group it looks like you have. LOVE all the pics. Haley will especially love the Rugby ones. Thanks for all the great information about your adventures and awesome photos.–Jill

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