More Photos!

Hello again! We are currently on our first break, with some of our group in New Zealand, some in Tasmania, others still in Australia, and even one in Fiji! We’ll be sure to get a written update soon, but for now here are some more pictures! 🙂 These are from our trip along the Great Ocean Road, our second stay in Melbourne and the past week we spent on Phillip Island!

The Great Ocean Road

Justine and Julia on the beach!

Our wonderful guide, Mike Evans!

Treetop Walk

Glow Worm Walk

We had SO many koalas around our camp at Bimbi Park!

Lyla and Hilary at the Twelve Apostles

Paul with peanut butter (a major food staple for our trip)

Group Shot

Loch Ard Gorge

Sophie, Laura, and Erin

Water Treatment Plant in Melbourne

Australian Footy Game!

More quadrat analyses on Phillip Island

Mary and Carly exploring the tide pools

Temporary burrows for the Little Penguins on Phillip Island

We helped build some burrows too!

Little Penguin

Rainbow Raincoats!


7 responses to “More Photos!

  1. Love all the photos, and the Rainbow Coats in particular! Tell Skiba to lose the ugly UW baseball cap. Enjoy the journey….

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