Week 2: Queenscliff

G’day mates!

GAHHH!! The wifi here continues to be very difficult to find and even harder to connect to, but we’ll keep trying!!

Since we last posted, we had a nice visit at the Lethbridge Winery, a relaxing free day, and traveled to Queenscliff where we began our marine biology studies.

Our first couple days consisted of a historic tour of Queenscliff, a day of Marine Biology lectures, and a tour of the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre. We also spent an exciting morning investigating tide pools at Barwon Heads Marine Sanctuary, where we saw many starfish and mussels, and even spotted a Maori octopus (which is really rare!). Yesterday we split into groups and traded off canoeing on Swan Bay, and snorkeling over the Harry’s Reef. It was a tiring day outdoors, but a lot of fun! Today we had a cruise around Port Phillip Bay and got to explore some of the marine life there, as well as finishing off the day with a couple more lectures on research methods and techniques.

Photos will be coming soon from both Melbourne and Queenscliff! 🙂 

First Full Group Photo at Point Longsdale overlook



4 responses to “Week 2: Queenscliff

  1. It’s always nice to hear from you! Seeing the octopus sounds very exciting. We’re wondering if the water for snorkeling is warm; the graphic from Dr. Jackson showed people in wetsuits. We are looking forward to the photos; you all look great in the group shot!

  2. All that snorkeling and marine biology sounds so fabulous!! And what a treat to see a Maori octopus! I hope you are enjoying that wonderful salt air. It is so good for you. We are glad too see our daughter in the above picture. We know she is still with you and not run off with an Aussie – was beginning to wonder. Sorry, though, to learn about the lack of wifi. But, on the other hand, before wifi was invented, we had these things called letters that came in the mail box. That era seems so long ago….And of course, the letters could not deliver all those smiles.

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